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3 reasons why Cristiano Ronaldo is the best football player in the world

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From Cristiano Ronaldo you can learn a lot about life in the first place. It is a living proof that hard work can beat talent anytime. Cristiano showed that if you want something very much and you are willing to make the necessary sacrifices, it's only a matter of time until you get where you want. You have to work hard every day to become the best.

If there are 3 things for which Cristiano Ronaldo is the best footballer in the world, these are the following:

1. The Mentality of a Winner

Always Cristiano has the utmost confidence in his abilities and knows he is better than anyone, because he is extraordinarily pleased with extra work. No matter what other people said about him, after a weaker match, he came into the next match and proved that he is the best. In addition to physical and technical training, he visualizes each game before playing, always thinks positive and already feels the sensation of winning the game, so he is already experiencing that moment before it happens (ex. Prior to the match with Atletico Madrid, he sent a message to Juventus fans, to think positively that the return is possible (they lost 2-0 in the ATLM first game); he told his close friends that he's going to score a hat-trick, and he did it)
His ambition makes him unstoppable and he is always supported by incredible work, giving his colleagues an extraordinary good morale to his national and club team, always being a leader that supports his words with facts.

2. Improving your skill every day

I do not think I've ever seen a football/soccer player who is so interested in improving his technical, physical and mental qualities like Cristiano Ronaldo. It does not matter what he has earned, how much he has earned, he has always worked extra to be at the same level first and become more efficient. With his move to Real Madrid, his way of playing in the field has changed, because he realized first that the most important thing is that the team win’s and second he has to score.
So improving the qualities according to your field position is very important because you must always adapt or change sometimes to become a top player in football.

3. Ability to manage decisive moments

I think he is the football player who decided the most decisive moments when the team needed him, Cristiano came out and delivered. It is one thing he has learned with time of losing important matches, such as the European Football Championship final with Greece, that Portugal hosted and a penalty in the Champions League final against Chelsea when he played at Manchester United (and many, many other hard moments). All these moments have taught him how to handle decisive moments and prove once again that you have to do a lot of work even if you are mistaken, mistaken, mistaken, you have to be able to see where the problem was and how you can improve.
What you need to understand is that it does not matter if you have played bad in a match and your team has lost, but it is important not to repeat and realize what made you mistaken and do not repeat the same error.

Perfection does not exist, so believe in your dream and do not give up for anything in the world!

“Dreams are not what you see in your sleep, dreams are things which do not let you sleep.” - Cristiano Ronaldo

by Ciprian Stoica

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