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Laught, football and septum deviation!

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I could say at any time that this was my great fear since I was 18 years old, having the possibility to make a surgery for the septum deviation.

Being a footballer and having a lot of blows to the nose (because of the my big nose), the nasal obstruction prevents me from breathing normally, and otherwise my game was affected because of that, without realizing how much it counts to breathe normally on both nostrils. Even now I revisit the episode from the final U17 junior tournament in Bistrita(ROMANIA), which even more affected the septum deviation that I had, in which at a simple ball coming from the opening of the opponent goalkeeper I nodded with my colleague , I wanted to reject the ball in front of him and he wants to reject the ball in the back. That sound I still have in my mind of the bones as if it was getting inside, and then, since the blood flowing, the Doctor who was at the game, I had the impression that he introduced into my nostrils all the bandages he had at his disposal, for that I felt like tickling in my brain. With three fractures and terrible pain, I still wanted to play in the last match even with my nose drops in the pants, because I liked football so much that I would have given my life on the pitch. I continued to play professional football up to the age of 24 with major breathing problems due to nasal obstruction.

After 11 years of countless pains in my attempts to breathe normally, I frequently use my nose drops just to be able to rest as much as I did at the end I decided to go to a medical consultation. Stories heard with terrible anguish after surgery with sleepless nights, bandages crawling to the brain, incredible pain, and the possibility of vomiting blood continuously have raised some big questions to me. From chatting with friends, documenting on Google and hearing stories, I wanted to stop forever the operation in this life even if that meant just breathing on my mouth. I decided to look at this very positive situation and I said that it will not happen like this, everything will be within normal limits and I have the strong body to resist this intervention. The decision to make a surgery at Coltea Clinical Hospital (Bucharest) at Prof. Dr. Cristian Radu Popescu and Dr. Popescu Bogdan - ENT Specialist, came as a result of my girlfriend having had a septum deviation surgery in the past to this hospital and the results were very good. I wanted to look at this very positive intervention and even in the operating room before I was asleep, I had a hysterical laugh crisis because I knew the big nose would stay, but at least I could breathe normally from now on.

After I woke up from the surgery, I was still seeing in the fog, but I distinguished in front of me, nurses who were walking around looking at me, and then I decided to show them I was ok with my thumb, but because i was being sedated and uncontrolled of my hands as i should, i looked like i was break-dancing with a crooked smile. After I returned and regained my senses, I was taken directly to the salon in the trolley, where I noticed that I was not even a little bruised and the pain was missing (see the picture below), the only inconvenient was that I could not breath throw the nose with bandages inserted deep into the nostrils. The pains were tolerable because painkillers were given to me, one thing uncomfortable, the fact that I just breathed my mouth and had to wet my lips with a gauze or a napkin. I was pleasantly impressed by the hospital conditions being very good and the nurses taking care of all the patients the same, being very kind and positive, even when I went at 4 in the morning to give me a soothing because it disappeared the effect from the previously, because the pains began to appear.

After the 2 nights in the hospital, I was sent home at the end (my nose is occupying to much space) and it is necessary to return after 2 days to take out the bandages inside my nose. During my awake night, when I was not accustomed to breathing on my mouth, I was thinking of a version where the bandages did not hurt so much and the process was faster. Seeing a funny video, I started to laugh as I woke up all 4 colleagues in the salon (this at 3 am) the mucosa becoming very damp and I noticed that the bandages were moving very easily in my nose. Then it was the moment when I said I would laugh in a crazy way the day I'm going to take out the bandages. It was an absolutely memorable moment when the whole hall of the Coltea Hospital looked at me, because I started to laugh like a madman when I saw Prof. Dr. Cristian Radu Popescu coming from the end of the hall, looking at me and he did not understand why i was laughing and I was looking at him because i was afraid I did not laugh enough to moisten the mucosa, to take out the bandages easily. My luck was that there were 2 people in front of me and I had time to laugh a lot, around me being over 15 people all starting to laugh, not knowing why I laugh without reason looking at the walls. When the nurse called me in to take off my bandages I had tears in my eyes from laughter and nobody understood why I laugh. The assistant began to pull easily the first bandage that broke out surprisingly smoothly without pain and the second as well, following an inspection by Prof. Dr. Cristian Radu Popescu to see that everything was fine, after that another three medical residents were looking inside, a litlle bit more and I was thinking of cutting out tickets.

So it was a beautiful experience that improved my life and not terribly how I heard everyone, but it depends very much on how you want to look at things from the beginning to the end, helping me was the fact that I am an extraordinarily positive person. I strongly recommend to all those who have septal deviation problems to do the surgery as early as possible, because life will improve from all points of view.

Thank you Prof. Dr. Cristian Radu Popescu, Dr. Popescu Bogdan and the Coltea Clinical Hospital (Bucharest) !!!

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