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Top 5 things to do before the football game

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Preparing for the football game differs from player to player, some prefer to have a routine, and others prefer to do something different every time, not being superstitious. One of the most important things before the game is to rest at least 8-9 hours on the night before the game, resting helps preparing the body for the intense effort the next day.

If there are 5 things I recommend to do before the game (keep in mind to adapt them according to you), these are the following:

 1. Visualization

You can start thinking about tomorrow's game, think about how you react when the ball comes from a long pass, what will you do after you take it with the chest and put the ball down. You can already see how you dribble your first opponent and manage to score at the long corner with perfect curved shot.
The important thing is to think about the situations in which you could play and to visualize how you would react when it happens.

 2. Ruttine

Here it varies from player to player, it depends a lot on the type of each, but mostly a routine will help you enormously (here you can adapt everything according to you, it remains to try what works best for you). A routine before the game will only help you if you've been preparing for the entire week as you should, being at the best level the day before the game.
Many players have their own way of arranging their leggings, their hair, their shirt and the color of their boots. It’s up to you to notice what gives you the best results.

 3. Food

The evening before the game, try to eat light foods like chicken, wholegrain pasta or fish. It depends on when you have the match, because if you have the game in the morning or at noon you obviously can not eat much before the game, so make sure you eat enough in the evening.
Avoid as much as possible chocolatte before the game, because it will give you a short energy-boost and you do not want to lose energy after 15-20 minutes of the game. Try to eat a banana and grain bars instead. Before going in the field, you can take an energy gel (whatever it works for you) or the simplest one Magnesium.

 4. Music

You can make a playlist with your favorite music that motivates you or some motivational speech directly from YouTube. Music will give you a sense of well-being and will "energize" you mentally, so you're ready for the game.

 5. Warm-up

If you did everything you read above and you did not do the warm-up properly, there is the risk of getting injured in the first few minutes and staying for a long period of time until you recover. So make the best warm-up before the game, prepare your body for the intense effort and physical contacts that follow. And something very important, stretching very well to prepare the muscles for the game.

"Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality." - Earl Nightingale

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