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How to dribble like Messi?

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If you have the ambition to train yourself to become better in football then this is an article for you!
There are many ways to train yourself to improve the controlling of the ball in full speed, depending on each player.

Today I will show you 4 simple methods to improve your skills. The most important thing before performing the exercises is to warm up (you will find the article in the blog): 

1. Passing through the cones  - The essence of the cones exercise is to make it better in 1 to 1 duels holding the ball close to the foot, like Messi.

- 10-12 cones should be placed at a distance of at least 4 leg lengths between them and begin by running with the ball between the cones, with the outside/inside of each leg at least 10 times away. (10 with the inside-outside right, 10 with the inner-outer left)
- After that is the same route, only the controlling of ball changes, that is, we will control the ball with the width of the foot alternating between the right and the left, passing throw the cones. (here you will work 20 in total)
- The next exercise is controlling the ball passing throw the cones with the outside of the leg alternating between the left and right. (20 in total)

2. Magic Square - Improve foot control with sudden changes in direction

- Place 4 square-shaped cones with 3 m space between them and start exercising from any of the cones. Start at the maximum speed with the ball in the diagonal with a sudden turn around after the cone, then head off to lead the ball quickly to the nearest cone on the side and then go diagonally again. (2 left / right x 10 series repeats)
- The exercise can be performed with both legs to work with the more unusual foot to, and the turns around the cone can be done with the inside/ outside / heel / sole. (it remains at your choice to change to do all the skills)

3. Controlling the ball in straight line - Improving the controlling of the ball at full speed

- 2 cones will be placed, or we'll take 2 landmarks (e.g., the bottom line and the 16-meter line line) to complete this exercise.
- You start with controlling the ball with the outside at the highest speed to the con, keeping the ball under control as close to the foot. Start at a slower speed if you can not control the ball properly, gradually increasing speed. The most important thing is the correct execution, the ball must be close to you when you run at full speed to avoid losing control of the ball. (2 left / right x 10 series)

4. Ball control in zigzag - Improve balloon control by changing the direction in bigger areas

- There will be 8 zigzag (diagonal) cones at a distance of 5 m between them.
- Going to drive the ball in speed with the change of direction after the cone, repeating the same until the end of the exercise. The exercise will be performed at the maximum speed that allows control of the balloon and will be done with both feet. (10 series went with the right, 10 series with the left)

You can perform exercises anywhere you have a flat terrain, preferably natural/synthetic grass not concrete to not put a lot of pressure on the joints and ligaments. There is no excuse if you want to become better and improve your abilities.
Now you have one thing to do, train yourself! Enjoy!

by Ciprian Stoica

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