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I think every one of us had days and days, moments when everything went wrong and we thought everything was against us. I used to cry and always look for excuses instead of admitting that I was wrong, to learn from failure and to move on.

My motivation and ambition increased as I noticed my mother, how much she could do, how much she could endure, and even if she was upset, she always smiled when she saw my brother and me. She never stopped what she was supposed to do and finished her job always, even if it took more time before that happened. My mother is why I refuse to give up what I intend to do for my future, because she has always encouraged me to do what I like as long as I have not suffered. I had matches when I was full of jolt and swollen ankles, but she saw that I like so much what I do, that even if it hurt her as a mother to see me hit, finally she encourages me.

My mother always tells me it will be good even if I go through a more delicate period and always gave me the confidence I needed to develop as a man and as an athlete. I can say with my hand on the heart that my mother is the reason i have the pleasure of communicating, listening to different people and courage to never accept a "NO" as a final answer. My mother taught me to first respect myself first, so I can respect the others around me. My mother taught me how to be better as a man, not to be a rude, and to care about my family.

It was a very sad period in my life, when in 3 years, unfortunately, 3 very important people died in my life, my grandfather, my uncle and my father. Everything was so fast I did not even know if it was a nightmare or if my dad would return, and I was only 17, I did not know what to do with my future. My luck is that i had my mother and brother, who were next to me and I did not go the wrong way. My mother had lost more than us and maybe had the biggest pain, although we can not quantify the pain, because she lost her husband, brother and father in three years. Then after all this, she had the ambition and motivation to do the best for her childrens, to have the power to smile and give them confidence, is something remarkable. We were united and we managed to overcome all the financial and sentimental issues in order to have a better future.

When I look at my mother, I see a fighter who has succeeded in her life and always amazes me how much energy she can have when she does something for her family. Family is the most valuable thing in the world and the seconds spent with your loved ones are not appreciated unfortunately as much as they should. One of the reasons I want to be successful in life is because I want to give my mother the opportunity to relax for the rest of her life, no matter how much I have to work, I want her to have everything that she needs.

My mother is the one who gave me life, raised me and educated me, and I had the opportunity to do what I want in my life without being constrained by other things. Sometimes we forget about the importance of the family and we only remember in the hard moments, when they are the only one there for you.

Thank you MOM! I LOVE YOU!!!

By Ciprian Stoica

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