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How to become a top football/soccer player? - 3 simple things

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"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great!"

The sensation of the decisive match in which you manage to score in the last minute and your team manages to win the match because of you is something that can not be described in words. Everything sounds fine and beautiful, just before you get into that situation you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally to cope with the situation. Becoming a top footballer is the best job in the world, if that's what you want from your bottom of your heart.

Let's start with the 10,000-hour rule, which means that in order to reach a high level in your field (in your case, football) you need about 10,000 hours of work, will and continuous involvement. In football, you have to realize that there are a lot of factors to keep in mind, but most importantly, the way you practice the daily procedures to become a top footballer, your physical shape, rest and nutrition are also basic. I would have wanted someone to tell me all these things since I was little in a way that I could understand, although my father helped me a lot every day, unfortunately the situation was that he did not have all the necessary elements. I've made big mistakes in terms of nutrition, physical training and mental training, so after i have accumulated more than 18 years in the football phenomenon present all over the world, I can say that 90% depends on you if you become a top footballer or not, and 10% depends on your luck (we know very well that you do it yourself, the positive mentality will help you to come up sooner or later, it is important to think that you can do it yourself).

I would like to briefly introduce 3 things (besides rest and nutrition) that a footballer must do to reach a professional level in football, to win his own existence:

1. Physical training for football

Physical training is essential for football, being a basic element, giving the footballer the opportunity to make better decisions for a longer period during intense workout in game/training, because the mind is clearer when you're ready physical.
The specific physical training for football: How to improve your speed in football?
There is a wide range of exercises you can do to increase speed in soccer, taking into account that some exercises can be done anywhere, find below some of them:
⦁ For a better reaction speed on small spaces, I strongly recommend: longer staircases (like those in the parc) are perfect for 4-5 series of 10 sprints from bottom to top;
⦁ Squats with bounce, lifting the peaks (preferably be made with the tips on a staircase, the movement to be complete from top to bottom and fast);
⦁ Squats in one leg with bounce (you can start with a semi-squat in one leg);
⦁ Knee bounce (stand on knee, pull knees very fast on land);

2. Technical training for football

He assumes that you apply the 10,000-hour rule and do the exercises that you master most often many times, as well as those you do not master, thus improving the technique.
How to improve your football technique? Repeat, repeat and repeat again!
⦁ You can hit the ball by a wall thousands of times to improve the hitting, with the inner / outer of both legs;
⦁ You can throw the ball upwards, then take the ball with different methods (with the sole, the side in the side, the outside, the back, the laces, the knee, the chest, the head) using both legs; otherwise cover all the game situations in which the ball can come from anywhere;
⦁ Shot at the goal, free kicks thousands and thousands of blows per month, at least 70-100 hit daily to improve the shot and finish the match;
⦁ Dribling between the cones with the ball, with both legs, to make it easier to pass the opponents during the match; at least 50-60 times a day

3. Mental training for football

This part i believe to be the most neglected ever more, unfortunately for most people who believe that performance can only be achieved with screaming and beatings.
First of all, you have to trust yourself all the time (do not forget that confidence in the game is based on good physical training and good technical training, otherwise it's just some bullshit if you do not have solid stuff backing it up) , don't ever think your are inferior to your opponent and the most important thing is to have a positive attitude. I do not know how many times I played the game very well and I was saying to myself, "I can not play so well, without making a mistake", and the mistake finally came to me thinking obsessively about it. Think positively about the future, instead of thinking that all things and misfortunes come to you (attracting all the negative things), you can attract all that is positive, I have a favorite quote from Les Brown's "Good things are supposed to happen to me". This does not mean that you will not encounter difficulties, weaker matches and moments when you get to the bench, you have to be strong to overcome these less favorable situations. You have to be adaptable to whatever would appear in your path to fulfill your dream.

No matter where you are, what you have or how you are, you can become better as long as you are willing to do anything to get there. It is important to set an target where you want to go, to view it every day, to feel it like when you got there, when you score a goal in the last minute, or when you save your team in decisive moments.

Our goals are fulfilled 2 times, once we see them in our mind and the second time in real life when it really happens. Set the place where you want to go and you are already one step ahead of all the people who do not know where they want to go in life. So, at which team do you want to play?

“I don’t know what you’re up against, I don’t know what you’re facing. But here’s what I do know: You’ve got something special, you’ve got greatness in you, and I know it’s possible that you can live your dream.” - Les Brown

By Ciprian Stoica

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