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The dribbling is a technique used by a footballer to overcome his opponent in the match or training. The best dribbling in football is the one you do best and you manage to pass your opponent, no matter how simple it looks from outside. The best example I can find in this case is Robben's dribbling, which was exactly the same every time, but nobody could stop it. So, depending on your position on the field and the situation in the game, you can apply a dribble that is simple, but efficient.

Today i will show you five effective dribblings to pass your opponent during the football game:

1. Stop & Go

- The movement can be performed on any area of ​​the ground depending on the preffered foot;
- You start with controlling the ball in speed, stop the ball with the outside of the right foot (left) and then immediately take the ball with the inside of the foot in the same direction as in the beginning, the opponent usually has a moment when both feet are on the ground, giving you the chance to get away from it;

2. Shoulder Fake

- Starts in driving the ball in speed, and when approaching the opponent (depending on the area, the space that it offers) we simulate a false move to the right / left and we will accelerate in the opposite direction afterwards immediately (eg we want to go in right, so the false move will be to the left first with the whole body and then accelerate to the right);
- It's a very simple dribbling, but it's got the best performance;

3. Zidane's Roulette

- It is a dribbling that should be used in situations when the ball approaches the opponent and to avoid him, you will roll and pivot on the ball opposite the opponent, then the other leg will pull the ball with the sole and accelerate to take advantage of the free space created;
- This dribbling was taken to the rank of art by the great Zinedine Zidane, who used it almost every game, and finally "roulette" remained with his name;


- One of the simplest dribbles when you are next to the opposing goal is to simulate the shot and when you touch the ball with your foot, you immediately take the ball in the opposite side of the shoot and accelerate to take advantage of the free space;
- Most of the time, opponents go for the shoot, leaving free space that you can use to score;

5. Poke right and go left

- It is a move commonly used by lateral players and strikers in 1 to 1 situations where space allows them;
- It is very effective especially if the opponent is with his back at the goal and you are in speed, you put the ball near him to the right and run to the left;

These are the most effective and simple dribbles that you can apply in a football match. Do not forget to practice as many times as you can, to reach the comfort required to choose one of the 5 in the dribbles, thus overcoming your opponent.
A very important thing when you want to overtake an opponent is to believe and to tell yourself that you will manage to pass by anyone who comes in your way. That does not mean that they will not be players who will hit you if you get past them (like me :)) ).

by Ciprian Stoica

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