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Mentality of a champion - 3 things you must know - Part 2

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How you train, you play? Hmm, how many times did you hear that and you said it was silly? Let me tell you why the coach was right when he told you every time.

When you train with intensity and you are focused on training, you create some automatisms in the brain and it will be normal for you to have this attitude at the game. Trust in you also comes from a correct posture from body language, so it plays a very important role for your mental during your training or match. So you have to focus on yourself to improve your skills, in situations where you are a substitute or you are not in the first 18 players for the game, you have to think that only you can change this by improving the qualities you have.

If there are 3 things you need to know if you want to become a professional football player in Europe's top leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga), these are the following:

1. Complicating football with improper activities

One of the biggest problems for you as a soccer player when you are starting to be successful is the temptation and here I refer to gambling, "mates" with negative influence, etc.

I think it's important to always think about what's most important to you, a moment of pleasure or a whole life of pleasure after you get where you want to go? Most of the time you choose the first option because you are not sure you will get where you want and give in to the temptation. Day by day, these things repeat and you do not have the proper physical / mental shape losing your place in team place and the coach's confidence.

If you are willing to do everything you can to get to the top level in football, it takes an iron will to resist the temptations that will come permanently, focusing on what is critical to you , to become the best footballer in the world.

2. Nutrition and Rest

There are two very important elements that I need to account for in the life of a footballer. To have the right energy for training and matches, you have to make a seasonal and off-season menu:

a. In the season: 10% Fat, 40% Protein, 50% Carbohydrates

b. Off-Season: 5% Fat, 55% Protein, 40% Carbohydrates

For the resting part, sleep is the underutilized secret of performance in sports, studies showing that a performance athlete requires a minimum of 7-9 hours. If you have a good night's sleep, you can have a better reaction time, faster muscle recovery and the ability to assimilate new knowledge better.

After performing more tests, it has been shown that a week or a single lost night reduces your reaction time by at least 3 times !!! Therefore, rest!

3. Learning every day

We live in an era where information is simply on our fingers, so you have the big benefit of wherever you are, you can look for something on Google or YouTube, see how you must shoot the right way, how to shoot free kicks, etc. If you do not want to learn new things, exercises or executions, you do not want to evolve to the top level and just waste your time.

When you look at a match, study carefully the position of a player who is on your way, watch how they move, how they walk, how they are informed before the ball reaches him and tries to get everything he has done well, practicing or imitating the training and extra after training until you get out right. By repeating things in day by day training, your mind will get used to these procedures, becoming automatisms (for example, when you brush your teeth, you do not think about it, where to go, but it comes naturally), offering the time for the brain to find the best continuation and not to think about how to hold the foot or how to make the right move in step. It will be like an automatic pilot (passing, shooting, crossing etc.), with your mind resting to think of more important things like passing for a colleague or changing the corner after you see where the goalie went the moment you made the move for the shoot.

These are, from my point of view, three important things that every professional footballer must take into account.

“The separation of talent and skill is one of the greatest misunderstood concepts for people who are trying to excel, who have dreams, who want to do things. Talent you have naturally. Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.”Will Smith

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