My intention is to be happy and my way of thinking is different from others and I want to offer the my 20 years of my football experience, to the one’s that want to improve they’re skills physically, tehnicaly and ment ally for football/soccer. I have made mistakes and I want to tell you all about them, so you don’t need to make them.

Fall 8 times and get up 9 times! You do not have to make an opinion about yourself according to the opinions of others, but you have to be yourself and get the best out of your abilities, while improving the others. Besides the fact that it takes an incredible will to trust yourself, when everyone else can talks badly about you and they think you are not good at anything, you have to define a goal, a destination where you want to go. Think this way, when everything seems to be against you, remember that the plane takes off against the wind and not with his help, so you have to be strong to reach the level you want.

This blog is for the player that wants to improve every single day to become a top football/soccer player.
I make short videos about how to improve your football skills and if you want to see me more often, please subscribe to my YouTube channel @ImprovedFootball.

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