My intention is to help you be happy! My way of thinking is different and I want to offer you my experience of over 20 years in football if you want to improve your physical, technical and mental qualities for football. I made mistakes that didn't allow me to reach a top league level and I want to tell you all about them so you can avoid them.

I make short videos on how to improve your football skills and if you want to keep up with the latest, follow me on YouTube @ImprovedFootball.

To believe in yourself!

Fall 8 times and get up 9 times! You don't have to make an opinion of yourself based on the opinion of those around you, but you have to be yourself and make the best of your abilities while improving others. In addition to the fact that it takes an incredible will, when maybe everyone else talks bad about you and thinks you're good for nothing, you have to have a well-defined goal, a destination you want to go to. Think of it this way, when everything seems to be against you: the plane takes off against the wind and not with its help, so you have the conviction that you can get where you want.

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