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How to curve the ball on freekicks? Football and Soccer

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So if you want to learn how to curve the ball on free kicks football, I will offer you a tutorial step by step to imprint the necessary curve on the ball. In general, hitting the ball with the inside of the foot is one of the most common and popular methods of football (soccer), compared to the CR7 knuckle ball, is very easy to learn and often used in game situations. Do not get me wrong, it takes a lot of time and practice to learn this technique correctly, so it will not happen overnight.

If you are willing to put effort, practice and even start from the beginning, let's start:


You want to start the movement correctly, so after placing the ball you have to position yourself at an angle that will allow you to give the ball the curve. Regarding the number of steps you have to make, it is not a figure set and after you practice very often, you will know exactly what is the right distance from the ball and the perfect angle from which to hit the ball.


Which side of your foot should hit the ball to keep it in the target area? You have to hit the ball with the inside of the foot, with the area between the ankle and the beginning of your thumb. To generate enough force for the ball to pass the wall, we must hit the ball with the area you see in the video. Be careful that it is not the same area that you use for passing!!! One important thing is locking the ankle with the top of the football boot up to print the vertical effect, so the ball will descend after passing the wall. You want to hit the ball a little below the center (a little to the right or left, depends on the preferred foot) to print the ball the curve.


The last thing you have to do is to follow the ball after the blow. Here are about two ways you could do this: the first is to let your foot follow the natural course of the up and down, and the second method is to stop halfway with the kicking foot, support your leg on the grass and on the hitting, finally coming over it. You can choose any method that is more comfortable.


Remember to place your foot next to the ball, with your tip toe poiting a little bit off the target so you can shoot it with a curve.

a.Hitting the ball in a wall is the best way to practice, especially if you have one ball at your disposal and you do not want to spend too long until you can repeat the movement.
b. Analyze the top football players on YOUTUBE that resemble your style, how they make free kicks, where they hit the ball and how they follow the ball after they hit it.
c. Try filming your strokes to see where you are wrong and the moments when you hit the ball correctly to repeat the right moves.
d. Mistakes to avoid:
- hitting the ball only sideways and suddenly stopping the foot pendulum after the ball;
- stopping immediately after you hit the ball, it will be chipping the goalkeeper;
- not locking the ankle at the moment you hit the ball, so the direction is no longer accurate;

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