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It is obvious that the player from Borussia Dortmund is in a sensational form and can be seen with the naked eye that he has the goal in the "blood". Many people say it's just a coincidence and it is in good shape, but in fact there are more than 10 years of continuous work with 2 trainings per day.

Haaland's statement regarding Cristiano Ronaldo is not simply accidental:

"Tell Cristiano that I am a football player because of him. I would like to meet him and tell him that I am a footballer because of him! For me he has been and is always a MODEL!"

One of the strengths he always says is his mental strength and how he pushes himself to do everything necessary to be the best! Haaland follows Ronaldo's strict diet with attention, and due to his attention to nutrition, Halland is 1.94m and 87kg, he has the athlete skills.

The mentality in his ascension plays a major role and every time, every day he thinks of his purpose, to become the best footballer in the world. He knows where he wants to go and after that, he does everything he can to get there, without seeking excuses or reasons for not succeeding. Always think positive and work more and more in training, trying to improve your skills every day. His daily work has brought him into the present form and if he is prepared in this style he will surely be one of the great attackers of the world.

He started football at the age of 5 and from the first training session the coach saw his desire to score goals. Now Gunnar Halle, Haaland's first coach, says he has the intelligence and desire to always learn new things, and because of these things he manages to have a fantastic form at the moment.
Halle says he always saw Haaland training alone as a kid, doing exercises after exercises because he had in mind a well-defined goal to become the world's top footballer. It is not the player who has to be pushed from the back to make another lap or a training to become better, but on the contrary, does everything on his own initiative.

The fact that he was and is always positive, helped him when he moved from one team to another, because he integrated very quickly in each group, managing to bring more energy to the team.

My advice to you is to set a goal for you, to know very well where you want to go and from there to see what you need to do every day, to make your dream come true. Now you have the best information at your disposal to help you become a top footballer on my Youtube channel @ImprovedFootball.

Leave me a comment there and we'll discuss it further if you need some tips to advance your football career.

By Ciprian Stoica - Improved Football

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