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Certainly the most common question in football is "HOW TO GET RID OF FEAR .... of passing, controling the ball, or not to lose it", and because it is not explained to you how you could overcome that fear, your performance suffers and you will play weaker and weaker.

What can you do to avoid this and get over any challenge you face? Let's see together what we can do.


First of all, you have to admit and realize that you have a fear of a certain exercise, whether it is to control the ball close to the foot, whether it is the shooting at the goal, or the penalty kick, you must first realize that moment creates negative emotions for you and you can't focus on executing the exercise correctly.

Why is this important? Because if you're going to keep lying and you don't want to admit you have a problem, guess what? It will repeat itself endlessly and you will make the same mistakes every time.

Remember one thing, not the one who makes a mistake loses, but only the one who makes a mistake and continues to make the same mistake every time. If this happens now in your career, it means that you have to do something different because what you have done so far has also brought you where you are.

To realize how scared you are on the football field, think about what exercise you avoid doing because you think your colleagues will laugh at you. Start from this point for the first time, because I was also afraid to take the ball on my chest from a long pass because I knew I couldn't do that and the ball jumped like it hit a wall.

All I had to do was practice stopping the ball on my chest separately and make the right move so that the ball always stays close to me, but here the accent must come on the CORRECT PRACTICE! Remember, even if you practice a wrong move 10,000 times, in the end you will still make a wrong move. Do the movement correctly at the beginning and gradually add the number of repetitions!

So first analyze what you are doing wrong and practice correctly separately in training!


Think about the things you master right now, from riding your bike to mastering a foreign language, did you know how to do these things in the beginning? The answer is NO.

Then how did you learn and what did you go through to learn these skills?

The first time you ride your bike alone, you fell and hit yourself. The wound healed after that and you realized that if you don't keep your balance you will hit yourself again. The pain is temporary, but then what did you do? You practiced as many times as possible, riding you bike alone constantly until you managed to ride even without hands.

Now when you look back, everything makes sense, you did something for the first time and you were wrong. But then you understood what you were doing wrong and you did all the movements correctly so you dont repeat the same mistake.


You have to apply that to football, you don't have to be afraid to make mistakes! You have to make mistakes and realize where you are wrong so that next time you do not repeat this.

Maybe someone is laughing at you now that you don't shoot well at the goal and you feel like giving up, never shoot again. Instead of doing this, see where you were wrong and go with the ball on the football field and practice until you succeed. It will not come out immediately, it can take even 6 months, 1 year, but if becoming a footballer is your dream, nothing is impossible!


by Ciprian Stoica

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