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To better understand this fear, I would like to start with a quote that I like, which I always recite in my mind when a new fear appears: If you want to succeed, you must be willing to feel embarrassed. ”- Gil Eagles.

There are a lot of extraordinary moments in football, which put our courage to the test and some of us manage to overcome our fears or not. What makes the difference?

As the quote says, you must first feel embarrassed to be successful and to develop your potential, and if we think better it is very true because the first time you wanted to ride a bike, you fell and some friends may have laughed at you. Through repetition and exercise, you managed to ride your bike very easily and without hands, even if for the first time you couldn't even maintain your balance.

One of my inner fears was when my colleague made a cross (long pass), I was scared not to make that i will not stop the ball, and the the ball will jump away from me and my teammates will laugh about me. WHAT HAPPEND? Exactly what I thought, the ball jumped away from me and my colleagues were laughing. So WHAT SHOULD YOU DO to get rid of a fear? Well first of all, you have to look for a solution and for me it was very easy, just to practice training more takeovers. Since I practiced more in training the skill that I was afraid of in the match, it was much easier and I really wanted to give my team mate a long pass, I showed everyone that I have improved my skills.

No matter what your fear is, you have to attack it directly because the only way to get rid of the fear is to do the thing you are afraid of and it will definitely go away.

What do most people do when faced with a scary situation or a new action? Many withdraw because of fear and do not give that decisive pass, do not take that penalty shoot because they are afraid to miss it, do not take that free kick so the teammates not laug. DON'T ACT! I can tell you that this is an approach that will lead you to failure. If you show me a successful footballer, I show you a person who confront his fears and acts!

Most football fears come from the fact that you do not trust your skills and think that your friends will laugh, if you do a certain dribling and you fail. This pulls you a lot down, because if you don't trust yourself, how would you expect your colleagues to trust you, especially in the crucial moments? If you are wondering how to go further, even when you are afraid, since you tried to shoot at the goal and missed, you are already a winner because you have assumed this. The moment you begin to take your actions, your confidence will grow enormously and your game will improve. We must not forget that you have to train and take into account the 5 fundamental principles to become a football player:

1. Physical training
2. Technical training
3. Mental training
4. Food and rest
5. Recovery and injury prevention

That "muscle" of courage must be trained and when you start to like to overcome your fears, then you will attack them with the greatest enthusiasm. So run and practice all the procedures you are afraid of and please contact me on Instagram @improvedfootball, to tell me how you managed to attack your fear and overcome it...

Think positive in any situation and trust that you can do whatever you want, as long as you are willing to work extraordinarily long to get there. Until next time, I leave you with a favorite quote:

“He who loses his wealth loses much; he who loses a friend loses even more; but he who loses his courage loses everything.”

by Ciprian Stoica

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