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If you want to become more technical and have a stronger physique, then you have to do the necessary exercises that will bring you closer to your goal, to become a top footballer!

In this situation where we are now you can do 2 things:

1. Do nothing, complain that you cannot go outside to train as you did before this situation arises. This way of thinking will certainly not help you because instead of finding ways to keep yourself fit, you are content with a little.

2. Find solutions to train you at home, in the yard, in a space of 1m square, there are many exercises that you can do, if you are interested in getting even better with the ball on your foot and physically, than you were before the whole situation started.

By repeating some moves many times, you can end up doing certain tricks or dribbles automatically that you didn't do before. Think of a video game, the more you play, the better you become because you train your reflexes and manage to do many things at the same time very well. You can apply this process to anything, because it will help you become more aware that everything depends on you and the things you do daily, only being your own obstacle to reaching the end goal, that is to become a professional footballer.

Being a sport in which the competition is very big and will become bigger, because of the situation with Coronavirus, the training and the hours that you do in addition, will help you get in front of other players who choose not to do anything, just to play on the phone, computer and Playstation.

You can look at this moment as an opportunity to be better on small spaces, because the Brazilians were training when they were very small in the room and on the sand, and when they received more space on the big field, they managed to get their own almost always dribble the opponent because they were used to small spaces. If you exercise the 1000 touches every day, the ball will feel better on the foot, the way you control it will be better and the time when you can make a decision will be faster.

If you want to find out the main reason why you do not raise your head from the ground and you cannot make quick decisions, it is because you do not control the ball properly, and your attention is mainly directed to the ball and not to your colleague who stands in front of the goal, to the colleague who is leaving for the next position, you end up losing the ball every time not knowing what went wrong.

The 1000 touches part 1, part 2 and part 3, I recommend you to do them until you can do the workout without looking at the ball and after doing so, continue because you have to remember a very important TIP: WHAT YOU DON'T USE, YOU LOSE!


By Ciprian Stoica

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