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The mentality that a footballer must have!

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Football is an extremely complicated game. The moments you need to keep at the highest level, the decisions you make in a hundredth of a second and the fact that we must eventually accept that we are people predisposed to mistakes. Who does not try, does not make mistakes, so do it bad before you improve each procedure, every pass and every shoot.

If I could offer advice for a football player to improve his mental state and finally to succeed in defeating his fears it would be the following:
First you have to motivate yourself for the goals you want to achieve, not the ones you want to avoid. This is where the choices our mind makes unconscious because of the happenings in our lives and we usually choose to think about the negative part. Look what could happen well in any situation and think about playing to be appreciated, applauded and not booed.

As a football player you do not have to just sit in the comfort zone and do just what is easy, but you need to have the courage to make mistakes, to shoot for the goal otherwise if you stay in the comfort zone you will stay at the same level always, you need to have a little "madness" as a classic of football said. You have to think that the only way you can become a top player in football is to always focus on new things and to develop yourself (here can help a lot of motivational books / videos, leave a comment if you want me to recommend). You learn a lot of things from victories and defeats, so never despair, see where you are wrong and see what you can improve permanently, there are for sure somethings that you can do better. Personally, I think it's okay to think about the financial side as well, because it will give you comfort in the future, but to earn over 50,000 Euro per week as in the Premier League you have to work extraordinarily and play very good to get there.

If there is only one thing a football player can do to keep himself focused always, this is the following:

You have to focus on simple and basic things! Every time you start to complicate things and start asking unnecessary questions in your mind then you lose focus and become confused. For example, in executing the penalties, one thing that has tormented me a long time until I understood what I had to do when I had to score and had to decide where I want to shoot. After 4 penalties missed when I had the decisive ball, I said I had to put my self a quick question and give a quick answer: "Where do I want to shoot?" and the answer "Hard, Right Down" "Hard, Left Up" and so on. The answer must be brief, to the point and never stop thinking about the things you have to do until you hit the ball "I have to make 5 steps to hit the ball with the width of the foot but not too hard not to fly over the gate like Sergio Ramos, like i missed last time and what everyone will think about me if I miss again, that I'm not good and so if I miss, we still have a chance to win and to ...... "they coming natural. You have to practice as much as possible until you are relaxed and manage to shoot where you always want. So do not complicate the situations, simple executions are often the best. When I look back at the things that worried me the most and the situations I was afraid of, I laugh now and I want to punch myself in the face. I was known as the speed man, I wanted to always be the first to run, to any physical exercise and unfortunately I did not focus much on the mental and the technical side. You have to have a balance that you find trying new things and analyzing the results.

"A great pleasure in life is to do the things that others claim you can not do"

By Ciprian Stoica

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