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Every negative habit you change into a positive one will help you get closer to your goal of becoming a football player!

All great footballers have certain daily habits that they do automatically, which help them keep their shape and become better, even if it helps them to improve by only 1% daily, they know that at the end of the year they will they become much better because the effort during the year will accumulate and the reward will come.

Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, have their own routine that they do not get out of, whether it is listening to music or training in the gym, for them the importance of the routine makes its presence felt in the long run because the brain when you do an action repeatedly , switches to automatic mode and no longer uses resources to perform that action. A simple example is the moment when you wake up and go to brush your teeth, when the action takes place you think of something completely different than brushing your teeth, it taking place automatically, and if you dont think that try to wash yourself tomorrow morning with your other hand.

Order in your mind and in your life, they will help you and influence your behavior in the long run, so if you want to start with something, start by tidying up the room you are sitting in, cleaning and throwing away everything you don't need and let everything be organized as you wish. I really want you to tell me after you do this, if the feeling you have is better than before, because it will definitely be a change. You don't have to stop at just that, try not to touch the phone in the first hour you wake up, keep that time just for yourself and when I say that, I mean the importance of your ultimate goal. Allocate at least 15 minutes every morning and evening to analyze what you did on the last day and what helped you become better, while also planning on your own diary what you want to do that day, because in the moment you have planned the day for each thing, you will not waste any more time. If you do not allocate at least 30 minutes a day for your dream, surely someone else will do it and you will complain afterwards, that someone else has become a footballer and you will not. The difference between becoming a footballer and not becoming a footballer is very small and is given by the sum of daily efforts over the years in which everyone has done everything necessary.

There are 265,000,000 million footballers worldwide, and work is a major differentiator, so what are you going to do differently to stand out? Think of a house, first the foundation is made, the supporting pillars, then the brick after the brick is put to lift the walls, the roof, the windows and then the finishes come to make everything beautiful. In football, you start mastering the basics and only after that, you start to add the same little things that will help you get better, physical condition, mental part, proper nutrition, etc.

I'm not absurd, you have to do something to relax, but make sure it is a small part of the hours given to your daily improvement!

One thing that many footballers ignore is reading! Some people think that they don't need it and that it doesn't help them at all, but studies have shown that as you read, new connections are created between neurons that will help you make faster decisions in football. In addition, when you give an interview, you will definitely have something to say and that in a correct way. This does not mean that you have to read everything, you can only read what interests you and what helps you become better, noting somewhere the things you think will help you.

Remember that it is something you have learned, but you will not put it into practice, you will definitely forget it and it will not be at the same level. To become better it is necessary to repeat as many times as possible until you achieve your goal!



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